Update from Claire

 I thought I'd do a quick update on the stuff that's been happening this week because so much has happened.

Some of you would have seen that yesterday the PM announced new measures about lifting the lockdown.

I'm really pleased to say that Beauticians, Massage Therapists, Swimming Pools, Spas, indoor gyms will now be able to open in the coming weeks as long as they meet the new safety guidelines which have been set out.

I know that lots of business have been putting a huge amount of effort into investing in PPE, creating new procedures, making sure that are doing checks with customers before they come in so that their businesses are safe.

We also had the Chancellor’s economic statement. Some of you would have seen we've raised the threshold on Stamp Duty to unlock the property market.

We've introduced a brilliant new Green Homes Grant - £2 billion worth to make your home more energy efficient.

If you make your home more efficient, you can save up to £300 a year on your energy bills.

So this is the time to go and get your loft lagged if it needs it! You can save up to £5,000 if you are a normal income household and up to £10,000 if you are a low-income household. I hope some of you will be able to Eat Out to Help Out this summer. Monday to Wednesday you can get 50% off - up to £10 - on any of your meals at our wonderful East Surrey restaurants, which I will definitely be using.

We do know it's going to be a challenging time. We are on the doorstep of Gatwick Airport so the aviation sector and everything that's happening there affects us.

About a month ago I was really pleased to set up a local Economic Taskforce for the East of Surrey, with our neighboring MP Crispin Blunt, the LEP, the County Council and both of the district councils. It’s been a wonderful forum to talk about our local infrastructure priorities, to work out how we can bring in private and public sector investment to the area, and also to look at the business community and to co-ordinate some of our High Street openings as well. 

I was also really pleased and delighted to be invited to sit on there One Surrey Growth Board, which is set up by Surrey County Council and has the two Chairmen of the different LEPs, a deputy mayor of London, and former Chancellor Philip Hammond on it. As the only sitting MP, I'm really looking forward to making sure that East Surrey’s voice is heard. 

I'm doing a Facebook live next week so if you've got any questions, let me know. You can email them in or post them in the comment box, and I'll be happy to answer them.

But until then have a lovely weekend!